Thankful For Friends and Family

Thankful For Friends and Family

Who would want to see Pastor Endris eat beans, his most despised food? Pastor hates beans so much, that the staff had all agreed that if we break our attendance record for the Thankful For Friends and Family service that Pastor will be required to eat beans! Come help us break that attendance record!

We are so thankful for our friends and family! What a blessing you are! We look forward to seeing you at our services, events, and life groups! Because we are so thankful, we set aside a special time to honor you all! We will be having a special service for all of our friends and family and will also have a special meal following. No cost necessary! Please invite your friends and family, the more the merrier!

Check out the Welcome Center for invitations to hand out to your friends and family. You will also find a sign up sheet if you’d like to help provide the food. Please see Kimberly Hegyi with any questions.

The service will either be held on January 10th or January 24th. Stay in tune for more details


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