In 1963, Rev. Casper Billheimer and his family felt the call to move to Green Bay. They were the answer to the prayers of a lady that had experienced Pentecost and who was seeking God for a church to be started with that same experience in this Green Bay area. Though faced with many trials, God favored this apostle as he labored to “carve out” this work. The first building used for services was located at 712 Chicago Street, Green Bay.

Rev. Casper Billheimer

Chicago Street, Green Bay

In 1964, we purchased our second building, located at the corner of East Mason and Clay Streets. Rev. James Merrick served as pastor there from 1967-1969. From 1969-1973, Rev. Robert Yonts served as pastor. In 1973, Rev. Chuck Welch became pastor.

East Mason Street, Green Bay

Rev. Robert Yonts

Rev. James Merrick, Rev. Robert Yonts, and Rev. Chuck Welch

In 1983, a new building was acquired at 1708 N. Irwin Street.

Irwin Street, Green Bay

In 2003, our current facility was built at 701 Hillcrest Heights. Upon the retirement of Rev. Chuck Welch in 2010, Rev. Lee Endris became pastor.

Hillcrest Heights, Green Bay

Rev. Lee Endris

Meadowbrook Church hosted a Legacy service in 2012 honoring all of the former pastors of this church body. All but one pastor was still living and able to attend that special weekend. History unfolded as we heard many stories of the establishment of this church.

Top row: Rev. Welch, Rev. Endris Bottom row: Rev. Yonts, Rev. Marrick, Rev. Billheimer