Life Groups

Life Groups

What are Life Groups?

These are groups to build friendships, grow your faith and have fun! They require a short term commitment and are designed around your interests

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are designed for people to grow in their faith and make practical application of God’s Word in their lives. They are often curriculum based and cover a book, resource or Bible study

Social Groups

Social Groups are designed for people to make new acquaintances and build friendships. Many social groups are interest based and centered on a hobby, a common interest or a life stage

Serve Groups

Serve Groups are designed for people to have the opportunity to serve the needs of the community. Serve groups provide a way for people to relationally connect and find fulfillment in caring for others

Interested in joining a Life Group? You will not want to miss the Life Group Fair where you will get a taste of each Life group and what they offer! Have any questions? Ask the Life Group leader at the booth! We cannot wait to see you there!


Some Life Groups may provide childcare


Food and refreshments may be served as part of the experience. Let your host know about any dietary needs


Some requirements may include costs such as a resource, equipment, books, etc…

Have a great Life Group idea?

Email Tim Palmer or Shawn Schmitz with your idea and ask for an application

Completing the Discipleship 101, Ministry 201, and continuing with Discipleship 201 and 301 is required to be a Life Group Leader

In order to lead a life group, you must attend the Life Group training session

Tim Palmer~ Life Group Administrator & First Impressions

Tim Palmer

(920) 544-7915

Life Group Administrator’s Contact Info

Shawn Schmitz~ Life Group Administrator

Shawn Schmitz

(920) 241-1901